The Federal Reserve 1929
Updated: 2/15/2021
The Federal Reserve 1929

Storyboard Text

  • Federal Reserve
  • here is a loan that you have to pay back at a 5% interest rate
  • Banker
  • here is your money to buy shares
  • i will now hire a investment broker so i can trade stocks
  • Investor
  • here is the money to buy shares in jimmy's shoe factory
  • Investment Broker
  • thank you for buying, you now own 15% of my company
  • Company Owner
  • I cant raise the interest rate because the Bulls of Wall Street wont let me
  • If we don't stop banks from taking loans the economy will fail
  • No the economy will be good forever, and i'm making so much money right now.
  • I will just warn the banks
  • "Bulls"of Wall street
  • Bankers
  • No, we like money
  • you guys should stop taking so many loans out its bad for the economy
  • Stock prices are starting to fall what should we do?
  • We should buy a lot of shares so prices stay up, that could never fail.
  • Stock prices are falling give us our money that is in the bank!
  • We don't have any more money
  • Bank