Andrew Jackson
Updated: 3/2/2021
Andrew Jackson

Storyboard Text

  • "Common Man"
  • Spoil System
  • Your out your in old friend
  • Nullification Crisis
  • bring me my money
  • stop taxing imported goods
  • The Common Man elected Andrew Jackson Because he was one of them.
  • National Bank
  • Andrew Jackson Fired politicians to put in his supporters.
  • Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • You will not move us from our land
  • The Nullification Crisis was a tax on British goods to so the south could buy in-country rather than out of the country.
  • Trail of Tears
  • Andrew Jackson thought the National Bank was unconstitutional so he got rid of it.
  • this bank has to go it is unconstitutional
  • The Indian Removal Act was an act to move all Indians from the east of the apples to Oklahoma.
  • The trail of tears was a trail that the Cherokee Indians had to follow to Oklahoma and many many Indians ides going to there.