Rock Pocket Mice
Updated: 6/4/2020
Rock Pocket Mice

Storyboard Description

The perspective on how the light and dark rock pocket mice live in their environment, and how they adapt when it changes over time.

Storyboard Text

  • Valley of Fire, New Mexico about 1000 years ago
  • Blends into their environment
  • (This dark furred rock pocket mouse wandered out of the terrain of volcanic rock it lives in to the desert where the light furred mice survive)
  • Doesn’t
  • This guy sticks out in the desert like a sore tail! How would a dark fur mouse ever survive in this area?
  • This environment may have been perfect for them, but as time went by...
  • This desert changed drastically.(750 years ago)
  • This was due to volcanic eruptions, covering large parts of the desert in lava rock. (500 years ago)