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Greed is Dangerouse
Updated: 12/17/2018
Greed is Dangerouse
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  • Hey can you help me catch a rabit?
  • What, yeah sure where is that varmit?
  • Ok, I see it, what are we wating for!
  • The rabit is right behid the tree across the road, Phil.
  • When we cross the road be careful.
  • One day a fox was huntng a rabit, but he couldnt catch the rabit by himself, so the fox asks the fox standing next to him for help, so they both can have the rabit.
  • The foxes are disccusing where the rabit is across the road, and how they are going to get there all the way across the road with the cars still dtriving along the road.
  • NO!
  • Rabits are good, but really their not to die for.
  • The foxes are about to crosst the raod when the other fox tells the other to whatch out for cars when he crosses the road because the cars take a while to stop and if they hit they might not ake it.
  • Yeah.
  • AHHH!!!
  • When the first fox starts to crosses the road as an oncoming car is about to hit that fox, the other fox yells for him to watchout before the car hits him.
  • Watch out Billy!!!
  • The second fox then jumps in front of the oncoming car to try and save the first fox who is about to get hit by the car on the road.
  • Now, safe at last the two foxes worie only about their saftey and their lives, not the rabit that is next to the treewatching their every move.
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