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Updated: 3/26/2021
ELA storyboard

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  • Okay sorry man. Just chill
  • Hey stop that's enough! I'm going to tell my parents. I'm tired of you making fun of me!
  • Once there was a kid named bill. Bill was being bullied but didn't know how to tell anyone. He was scared of his bully and was afraid to go to school everyday. His mom constantly checked on him to make sure he was okay but he always told her he was fine.
  • Bill left his house and walked to the bus stop everything was fine until the bully Josh saw Bill and approached him. Of course Josh started to make fun of Bills clothes this hurt his feelings but he was also getting mad and bottling it up inside.
  • Josh continued to make fun of Bill until he had enough. Bill snapped and stood up for himself Josh was surprised and moved seats after Bill got upset. Josh tried to get a reaction out of Bill the next day in class, Josh saw no reaction and Josh was no longer Bills bully.