independent project=CROW
Updated: 12/15/2020
independent project=CROW

Storyboard Text

  • I live with my mom, dad, and my grandmother whom I call Boo Nanny"
  • The main character is Moses Thomas
  • The Setting is Wilmington, NC
  • "Luis is my best friend."
  • "Im luis."
  • The conflict is when Moses goes with a white boy down in the sewers and they get lost for multiple hours.
  • "They will never find us!"
  • The climax is when Moses Helps his fathers boss escape town blending in with a white man and traveling underground
  • "We gotta get you out of town!"
  • don't get caught...
  • "You weren't using your head!"
  • The resolution is when Moses finds his way home and his father tells him how his boss was being scared out of town by people called red shirts
  • Im sorry! I was just trying to help :(
  • The theme of the book is power control and the conflict between black and white people.
  • why are the white people trying to scare us?
  • They are worried we will vote a black person and we will gain more power than them
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