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Zeus and Poseidon the ballers.
Updated: 6/10/2019
Zeus and Poseidon the ballers.
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Storyboard Description

Zeus and Poseidon are ballers

Storyboard Text

  • I am Zeus the God of the sky and the king of the gods.
  • I am Poseidon the god of the sea.
  • How dare you use my name you mortal.
  • I hate Zeus. This weather sucks. OWWWW
  • I hate Poseidon and his sea's.
  • I will make you have misfortune by flooding your rivers and killing your crops.
  • Zeus and Poseidon are on the beach and minding their own business.
  • BOOM
  • As you can see Zeus and Poseidon are very triggered and mad by people using his name in vein. Especially mortals.
  • As you can also see Poseidon gets very triggered by his name being used in vein as well. This usually results in the waves in the sea to get more violent, or the rivers nearby to flood and cause misfortune.
  • As you can also see when the gods are fighting bigger natural disasters can happen such as a hurricane.
  • Also other natural disasters such as tsunamis can be caused because of poseidon's anger
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