Updated: 5/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • so what do you think about this whole reconstruction thing
  • i agree with Abraham Lincolns 10% plan
  • i agree with Johnson's plan of reconstruction
  • the one where people have to pledge loyalty to get there stuff back
  • i agree with congress's plan to be harsh with the south and give black people opportunities
  • yeah at least there is now the 13th amendment
  • do you guys remember the black codes and how congress tried to stop it by enacting the civil rights act
  • yeah but then they also added the 14th and 15th amendment
  • yeah right now i'm a part of the freedmen's bureau so i can get some help
  • sure i don't see why not bye
  • if you want you can come work on my ranch. i'm doing sharecropping.