Exodus Storyboard
Updated: 12/11/2020
Exodus Storyboard

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Social Studies assignment

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  • Let's get out of here! And go to Canaan!
  • Ya, there is no food here anymore!
  • Yes!!! finally!!!
  • How much longer???
  • Hopefully not much longer! I am going to fall apart!
  • Ok, what ever you say! oh I feel bad for the sheep.
  • Put lamb's blood on your door if you want to live!
  • The Patriarch Abraham made a covenant with God promising that if he and him family left Ur and traveled to Canaan, that one day it would be his descendants' Promised Land.Years later, a famine struck in Canaan. Abraham's grandson, Jacob and his family fled to Egypt. As the Israelite's grew more numerous the Pharaoh became mistrustful of them and their monotheistic religion. Pharaoh then enslaved them!
  • Get out!!! And take your people with you, you don't belong here!!!
  • I would be happy to! Let's go everyone!!!
  • Moses is the Pharaoh’s son, after his true mother, an Israelite, had hidden him from the people that wanted to kill the newborn son so the mother tried to send the child down the river in a safe basket but the princess wanted the child to grow so the princess took him as her new son after a few years. Moses many years later wanted to leave the palace to take the Israelite's to their true home. Soon after, he let Moses take the people, after the Pharaoh had faced the ten plagues, the final plagues was when he let Moses go on and take the Israelite's back to their home, because it was when the angel of death came through the city.
  • I have finally found them!!!
  • Thanks God!!! Your the best!!!
  • Some punishments that Pharaohs and Egyptians faced were insect swarms, illnesses, and the death of first born sons.Moses told his people to spare the life of their first born son by marking their front doors with lamb's blood, that way the angel of death would pass by your home.
  • ha ha ha, We have taken over the kingdom!!!
  • The Pharaoh demanded that Moses takes his people known as the Israelite's, and leave to the Promised Land. Moses led the Israelite to the Promised Land, where their true home was. The Freedom of Hebrews is called exodus and is remembered during the week of Passover.
  • After the Israelite's left Egypt they went back to Canaan, the Promised Land. Moses received the ten commandments when they came to the land, he received them from god because he commanded him to collect them.
  • Joshua led the Israelite's into Canaan and then they conquered the city of Jericho. They were back at their homes. After, the Israelite's went on to conquer the smaller kingdoms, in Jericho.
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