Updated: 9/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Camille tries to talk to Melanie, but this reveals that Melanie is possessed by something. She attempts to attack Camille and Marley, but they make it out in time.
  • RUN!!
  • What should we do Marley?!
  • After regrouping after the attack, the two try to come up with a way to bring Melanie back to the way she was.
  • I don't know!
  • The duo finally come up with a plan. They realize that Melanie is possessed by the evil spirit, Sebastion, that has haunted their world for millennia. They track down Melanie once again, and by banding their magical powers together, they draw Sebastion out of Melanie.
  • After freeing Melanie, two problems are revealed. Melanie seems to be in some sort of deep sleep, and Sebastion is now roaming free and is set on destroying the world. Both Camille and Marley know that their magic combined won't be enough to stop him
  • She isn't waking up...
  • As the two start to lose hope, suddenly all of the townspeople, who can also use magic, come to back them up. They all directly strike Sebastion together, but even everyone's magic isn't enough. When all hope seems lost, suddenly one more person joins the fight. Melanie.
  • Sebastion is defeated, Melanie is back, and the town has been fixed. Happily ever after!