plot structure
Updated: 6/15/2020
plot structure
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action 2
  • Rising Action 1
  • The exposition is when Starr's childhood best friend is murdered in cold blood by the officer 115. Khalil was unarmed and reaching into his car to grab his hairbrush when the officer shot him. This shows us the amount of racism African American people have to deal with every single day.
  • Climax
  • The first rising action is when Starr decides to use her voice and speak up about the horrific event she had witnessed. She testifies in court against the officer who shot Khalil in hopes to bring justice for him.
  • Falling Action
  • The second rising action is when Starr joins the riots when officer 115 isn't held accountable for his actions. The whole community rises together to get justice which also results in a lot of damage to the community.
  • Resolution
  • cv
  • The climax is when a gang sets up Starr's dads store on fire after she spoke up about the incident. Seven and Starr were inside the store, away from the riots because they had been tear gassed.
  • The falling action is when the entire community come together to rebuild and restore. Following these incidents, Starr's family decides to move to Garden Heights closer to Williamson, where they attend school.
  • The resolution is when Starr faces the harsh reality of what happens to African American people but she is left with a memory of both her childhood friends that were killed. She has learned to stand up for what she believes in and is proud for doing so for Khalil.
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