History Revolution recruit
Updated: 11/25/2020
History Revolution recruit

Storyboard Text

  • Hello sir, would you like to join the Revolution? These British laws are out of control
  • No. Why would I want to do such a foolish thing?
  • Well for starters they're taxing us for a war that we didn't wanna fight.
  • How is taxing us for that bad? They protected us from our enemys.
  • That may be true but we have no representation in parliment to change them. The tax also makes everyday goods more expensive.
  • How are you not convined yet?
  • Whatever, I'm outta here.
  • You know, the most evil thing they've done is tax our precious tea.
  • WHAT?!
  • We've asked them to remove the taxes it but they just covered it up with indirect taxes.
  • Im in, wanna start a tea party?