Updated: 2/6/2021

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  • Migration Time Travel
  • Hey man, I've always been confused about African American migration, can you explain?
  • Let's time travel instead, I'll show you!!!
  • In the 18th century, the British shipped many Africans to the 13 colonies as part of the triangular slave trade
  • Why would the British need Africans in the 13 colonies???
  • The British captured Africans to be their slaves, abusing them and making them do their physical labor
  • WHAT?! That's terrible. African people back then did not deserve that. So unfair!
  • After slaves were freed, most African Americans stayed in the south during the late 18th century. They worked as sharecroppers.
  • Whew, good thing slaves were freed, but not all African Americans are in the south nowadays, I'm confused.
  • In two waves of 1910-1920 and 1940-1950, they migrated north and west. Then during the 50's and 60's, they moved from ghettos into adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Ohhh that makes sense, and that pretty much leads up to today
  • 'Til Next Time On The Time Machine!
  • Wow, I learned so much about the migration of African Americans