Pro Com Story Board
Updated: 1/19/2021
Pro Com Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Birthday party
  • Birthday!
  • Hmm...what should I get?
  • What'd you like to eat?
  • Sender: employee
  • Receiver: Customer
  • I will have the burger meal.
  • That's a good choice, the burger meal is really good!
  • I need a Burger meal!
  • You got it bro!
  • Channel: Air, face to face Sender: Employee Decoding: The customer is thinking about what he wants to eatMessage: What does the customer want to eat/types of foodEncoding: The employee needs to know what the customer is getting to eatBarrier/External Noise: Birthday party next to them
  • Happy birthday to you...!
  • I'm sorry to hear that.
  • I've been cooking all day, I need a break!
  • Barrier/External Noise: The jukebox/ the music playing Feedback: Customer is answering the workers questionDecoding: The stranger is agreeing with what the customer choseReceiver: The customer in the purple shirt
  • Thank you so much!
  • Here is your burger meal. Enjoy!
  • Sender: Employee Receivers: the chefs Channel: Face to faceInternal Noise: One of the chefs are mad because they have to cookMessage: Employee telling the chefs what to cookFeedback: The chef acknowledging and replying to the order
  • Receiver: Customer
  • So good!
  • How is everything tasting?
  • Sender: Manager
  • Sender: Female chef Receiver: Male chefMessage: The anger being expressed by the chefExternal Noise: The loud singing from the partyFeedback: The other chef giving his condolencesChannel: Face to face
  • Sender: The Employee Receiver: CustomerChannel: Face to faceFeedback: The Customer thanking the employee
  • Channel: Face to faceMessage: The wellness of the foodEncoding: The manager needs to know if the food is goodFeedback: The customer replying to the question