Unknown Story
Updated: 1/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Rhea Shea was upset about being locked away
  • Why would he do this?
  • Hey its okay, I will help you.
  • They fell in love and had twins
  • I love you, thanks for the kids
  • I love you too, your welcome
  • They got kidnapped
  • Get the baby. *Laughs*
  • *Cries*
  • *Cries*
  • Okay lets get going. La La La
  • King Amulius sent his daughter Rhea Shea away in a castle by the god Mars and she is basally locked up but something happened.
  • A she-wolf found them
  • *Howls*
  • The god Mars found her there and they found love and soon later she had to twins Romulus and Remus
  • A shepherd gave them a home and became their sons
  • Yeah I know, but lets get back to work
  • I can't believe people would do that
  • Yes. I can't wait to rule without you
  • Theses two servants of the king sent them to kill them but they were very stupid and left them floating on top of the water instead of drowning them
  • Fighting and becoming King
  • *Death*
  • I over ruled you and now i'm king
  • A she-wolf game along and heard crying so she took a look and found them taking them, scuffing them by the neck and took them as her own
  • *Cries*
  • *Cries*
  • ...
  • Later on when the she-wolf took them in a shepherd found them taking them in and teaching them human ways because they were rised by wolfs and the shepherd and his wife could not have anymore children. Soon enough they learned human ways but still act like wolfs and now they help around the farm and bring things back to people that other people stole.
  • Hi, okay
  • Hey come with me.
  • So as time go on they found hills, the seven hills. They had different ideas what to name the hills so they got angry at each other and fought but then Romulus killed his own twin brother. So now that is was just him he and the people he helped, helped him out by killing his uncle and is now ruling the castle.
  • *Death*
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