Haleigh Minor
Updated: 2/11/2021
Haleigh Minor

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My Favorite Things I Do Throughout My Day

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  • When I am going places by car, I tend to look out the window so I can admire the beautiful nature. All formed from light energy from the sun, then chemically making the plants, and letting people move them to give to a loved one
  • When I am bored and I am in my room I love to play my keyboard. I have to plug it in for it work (electrical) then I can move the keys to start playing (mechanical because of the movement)
  • I usually spend a good bit of my day on the internet. Watching some of my favorite people. The computer uses energy to chemical produce all of the things on the internet, and then giving off light on the screen so I can see what I am doing. I know a lot of computers get warm when used, so this is a form of thermal energy
  • I spend a good bit of each day in the car, and it goes from chemical energy, to meachanical, and gives of some sound energy.
  • Something I love doing towards the end of the day is watching a movie with my family. It is using electricity to give of a picture with radiant energy and it gives of the sound of the movie.
  • What I like to do at the end of most days is watch the stars, but they are just projected on my ceiling from my alarm clock. It uses chemical energy for it to work, and it produces the sound to wake me up and radiant energy produces the vibrant stars