Captain Peroxide

Updated: 10/15/2021
Captain Peroxide

Storyboard Text

  • The plague has escaped prison! These cruel creepy criminals will stop at nothing to invade your bodies.
  • We are the PLAGUE!
  • Meanwhile in the local chemistry laboratory, Professor Howard and Dr. Mayfield are starting to lose hope as the plague continues to attack.
  • We are running out of time. The plague will soon take over the whole lab.
  • We must design a superhero before it’s too late!
  • If we can’t fight the plague, who can?!
  • The two scientists got to work on their hero…
  • Let’s combine two hydrogen molecules with two oxygen molecules!
  • Designing hero.....
  • Colour: very pale blueOdour: slightly sharp odourTexture: watery liquidOptical clarity: clearViscosity: slightly more viscous than waterConductivity: not conductive in solid or liquid state.
  • Designing hero.....
  • Burns w bright coloured flame: not flammable; can intensify a fire when reacting with other substancesCombustibility: not combustible; a strong oxidizer that helps the combustion of other substancesCorrosive: highly reactive substance, causes damage to living tissueActs as an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent with compounds
  • It will have polar covalent bonds between the H and O atoms. The unequal sharing of electrons between the elements will form dipoles. Oxygen will receive more electrons and be slightly negative while Hydrogen will be slightly positive with less electrons. It will also have one covalent bond between the O atoms with equal sharing of electrons.
  • H2O2