Updated: 2/11/2020

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  • Exposition - Rice
  • Give up all your valuables! Now!
  • Conflict
  • Rising action
  • Keep working!
  • The Nazis invaded Poland at around 1935. The Nazis invade Yaneks house and told them to give up all their valubles for them. Some time later, Yaneks parents get deported.
  • Climax
  • Like said before, the Nazis invade poland around 1932 or 1935. The Nazis were cruel and hateful to the Jews. They would put them in concentration camps, or even death camps. These are many things Yanek will expirence.
  • Falling action
  • The Nazis take Yanek and his uncle Moshe to their first concentration camp, and yaneks uncle Moshe would try to sneak out as much as possible to get food. Eventually uncle Moshe gets caught and killed
  • Resolution
  • Yanek, by himself, was shipped to another camp by the name of Birkenau. He traveled by train. When Yanek got there, he got a tattoo. B-3087.
  • Due to the coming allies, the Nazis continue to take the Jews to other camps. This time, there were no trains. They had to walk. Yanek would walk this long distance with only one loaf of bread.
  • Luckily, after the second death march, they get to Munich, where the allies came to save the Jews. Eventually, Yanek changes his name to Jacob after moving to the USA.