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The Giver comic strip
Updated: 3/6/2019
The Giver comic strip
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  • Hi Fiona, I apologize for being late. I'm headed to the Giver
  • It was then when Jonas realized that he was seeing something weird with Fiona's hair like he saw with the faces of the people. 
  • I accept your apology Jonas. I'm headed to the house of the old.
  • You're one minute late.
  • Jonas knew that there wasn't any apologies in the lessons.
  • I apalagi-
  • I just wanted to tell you the reason I was late was because I've been seeing weird things going on. I'm not sure what it is, but I can see it in my friend Fiona's hair.
  • Jonas hopes that the giver can figure out what's going on.
  • Alright, I want you to look at the sled when you get the memory again and tell me if you see the weird thing.
  • Wait, Giver don't you have to recall my memory?
  • Jonas hopes he can recall his memory on his own.
  • I'm afraid I cannot, it is your memory now, you'll have to call it back on your own.
  • Jonas recalled his own memory and saw that the sled beneth him was that weird thing to see beyond.
  • I saw it, I saw the ability to see beyond in the sled. Do you know what it means Giver?
  • Jonas now knows what the ability to see beyond is by being able to see color. After learning about what happened generations before him, Jonas knows that before his time people could see color too. The theme is never judge people on who they are what they look like.
  • "I'm right then, your beginning to see the color red" (Lowry 94).
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