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us history
Updated: 11/20/2019
us history
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  • noooooooo
  • you shall not pass
  • would you like a tea?no i cant afford the tax
  • this is unfair!
  • I don't care.
  • the proclamation of 1763 prevented the colonists from crossing a imaginary line by the Appalachian mountains. This line was disregarded this was important in the colonists getting angry they could not have the land they worked for.
  • fine!
  • you must let me stay here!
  • the tea act incraesed the taxes on tea with the stamp act adding taxes to many everyday items including cards,newspaper, and paper this further angerd the colonists
  • no taxation without repersentation was said by the colonists in the sence that they had no say in Englands parlament
  • YEET!
  • The Townshend act introduced the quatering act, more taxes and placed more troops in the colonies. this caused riots and protest among colonists
  • the Boston Massacre happened after a crowd of people harassed the red coat's and a shot was fired the all the soldiers shot killing 5 people
  • the Boston tea party happened after the colonist were fed up with taxes and the sons of liberty threw all the English tea over bored
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