Updated: 2/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • No way. I am coming for it. Get out of my way or else
  • Are you here for the gold because I have it.
  • What on pirates land is this fools gold
  • Sorry but the gold isn't acuaully gold, It is PYRITE
  • Really. I heard of that befre. Me old pirate friends said that this is fools gold
  • Well sir I tell you, it is a mineral that looks like a cubic crystal that belongs to the sulide group
  • It is a brassy yellow color that pops when you see it
  • That is its nickname. It looks like a piece of gold then forms as a conchoidal fracture
  • It is also hard with it weighing between 6-6.5 on the mohs scale
  • Pyrite is used in many things we do everyday like in gas, sidewalks, and oil
  • Nice. Well have a good time with your fake gold while I go and find the real gold
  • One intresting facts about pyrite is it means fire in latin