small as am elephant
Updated: 6/5/2020
small as am elephant

Storyboard Text

  • Where is my moms tent and car?!
  • hi! Wanna hang out with us
  • Thanks for the cheese partner
  • Jack realizes mom is gone
  • to kids named aiden and Julie want to be friends with Jack. They don't know that his mother is missing. While they are friends they give him food too
  • I've got a bike alright!!
  • Jack Can no longer stay at the campsite so he has to sleep in the woods. while getting robbed
  • After he leaves he goes to places like stores, farm and a library to see if her mother is there. only to find out that people are looking for him.
  • Later Jack finds out that people who work at a store called Greddy's have seen his mother. He then goes to an L.L Bean store to try and steal a bike and gets locked in the store for the night. While hes there he also eats some snacks and food.
  • Then Jack rides along and goes to a school he gets caught by a girl named Sylvie and they both get stuck in a vault. After they get out Jack escapes. Sylvie's brother, Wyatt gives him a ride but Jack has to escape because Wyatt might have turned him in if he didn't. Jack then gets stopped by the police and the police man tricks him into saying his name and Jack is on the run. Jack escapes and a person named Big Jack from Greddy's finds him and takes him to lydia, there they find his grandma and live happily ever after. :D