English Embedded Task #2

English Embedded Task #2

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Storyboard Description

By: Celeste Zagorin

Storyboard Text

  •     You devil! You whore!
  • I haven't done anything to deserve this!
  • We are in love, sir.
  • How could my beautiful daughter ever fall for you, a moor! It must have been witchcraft.
  • She cheating is on me because I am a moor and Cassio is well mannered and more charming than me. 
  • Cassio has your wife's handkerchief. 
  • This image depicts an external conflict between Othello and Desdemona. In this scene Othello confronts Desdemona about her faithfulness. He slaps her and calls her a devil. This scene has a large impact on the drama because it reveals that Othello is not only insecure, but aggressive and stubborn. Othello allows his jealousy to come in the way of his relationship, thus turning his love for Desdemona into hatred. He is disappointed in her actions and therefore, develops a conflict with Desdemona. According to act IV scene I, "OTHELLO: (striking her) You devil!  DESDEMONA: I haven't done anything to deserve this! ... OTHELLO: Oh, you devil, you devil! You can cry all day and all night, and I still won't believe you're sad. Get out of my sight!" Based on this, the conflict between Othello and Desdemona arises when Othello accused her of cheating on him with Cassio. From that moment on, Othello wanted to kill Desdemona and make her pay for her sins. This scene has an impact on the drama because it shows that Othello does not love Desdemona anymore and is willing to physically harm her. In the image above,  Othello is depicted wearing green and red. The green stands for his jealousy while the red stands for his love. The cloak covers the red undergarments representing that jealousy is masking Othello's love for Desdemona. Desdemona is depicted as wearing pink which stands for love and affection. In the thought bubble, Othello imagines that his love for Desdemona is over thus suggesting conflict between the two. 
  • This image depicts an external conflict between Othello and the racism present in society. Society views moors like Othello to be less than the value of a white person. Throughout the drama, racial slurs are used when describing Othello and his race is used as one of his weaknesses.  In this scene, Brabantio accuses Othello of witchcraft because he believes that there is no way his daughter would ever love someone who looked like him. In act I, scene iii Brabantio states, "She's a good girl, quiet and obedient. She blushes at the slightest thing. And you want me to believe that despite her young age and proper upbringing she fell in love with a man she'd be afraid to look at? The very thought of it is ridiculous. You'd have to be stupid to think that someone so perfect could make such an unnatural mistake as that. The devil must be behind this. Therefore I say that he must have used some powerful drug or magic potion on her."  This quote shows that society is racist towards Othello. Brabantio is in awe of how Desdemona could fall in love with someone that is black. He believes moors can not be loved because of their race. This scene has a big impact on the drama because it shows that others view moors like Othello as less than and not worthy of such a beautiful woman's hand in marriage. It shows the racism that Othello deals with and provides explanation for why Othello is so insecure about his skin color.  Throughout the drama, Othello is in conflict with society's views about moors.  
  • This image depicts an internal conflict between Othello and his jealous and insecure nature. Othello has low self-esteem and believes that Desdemona is cheating on him based on Iago's words. He is jealous of Cassio's flirtatious and charming manner. He is also too trusting of Iago and believes every word he says despite it being false information. According to act III scene iii, "OTHELLO: This Iago is extremely honest and good, and he knows a lot about human behavior... Maybe because I'm black, and I don't have nice manners like courtiers do, or because I'm getting old--but that's not much--She's gone, and I have been cheated on. I have not choice but to hate her. " This shows that Othello has a conflict within himself. He has low self-esteem and believes that he is not good enough for Desdemona. In addition, he is also very gullible because he believes every word that Iago says. This scene is important to the drama because it shows that Othello has many internal struggles that make it easy for Iago to manipulate him and get revenge. In the image above Iago is depicted as wearing dingy yellow and black. Dark yellow represents jealousy and manipulation which is seen in Iago's personalty. The color black represents evil and darkness. Othello's thought bubble shows Desdemona holding Othello's handkerchief as well as her true love for Cassio. This image represents Othello's trusting nature because he assumes that Cassio and Desdeoma are deeply in love. In summary, Othello psychological troubles cause him damage. 
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