American revelution
Updated: 1/19/2021
American revelution

Storyboard Text

  • Boston tea party
  • Dump the tea!
  • cause: The colonists were angry at the Parliament for raising taxes Effect: so the colonists did the Boston tea party.
  • The colonists were angry because some people called the parliament were raising the taxes for sugar, the ability to use paper goods, and to use tea. That is the main reason why the colonists did the Boston tea party
  • you tax raised 10% for sugar!
  • your tax raised 10% for paper!
  • WHY!!
  • ugh!
  • your tax raised 10% for tea!
  • tea act, sugar act, stamp act
  • again!
  • After the "first battle of the American revolution", The British surrendered and New Jersey was then an independent country
  • New jersy is a nice place, without the acts, it would have never became the way it is now.