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Rainsford's Rhetorical Appeals- Sophia Li and Shelby Chung
Updated: 9/11/2020
Rainsford's Rhetorical Appeals- Sophia Li and Shelby Chung
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Storyboard Text

  • Ethos
  • General Zaroff I truly believe that this is a bad idea. I am quite skilled at hunting; I've had many years of experience. As you know, I am knowledgeable enough about the sport to write and publish my very own books. Would you truly like to challenge my intelligence?
  • Logos
  • General, have you ever considered what would happen if ships were not to sail to this area? You clearly haven't thought of the consequences of your methods of obtaining men and supplies. You underestimate our intelligence as sailors. 
  • Pathos
  • But general Zaroff, you cannot possibly fantasize about thinking and killing me. I am a man just like you. How would you go about this situation from my perspective? A man tracking you down, in an unfamiliar environment, just to murder you.
  • Rainsford tries to convice Zaroff that it's not a good idea for them to hunt. He uses his background of being a writer and an experienced hunter to show his credibility to try to persuade Zaroff to step down from the challenge. By showing his knowledge of the sport, he is establishing his authority and moral character.
  • Rainsford points out the flaws in Zaroff's method of attaining supplies and shows him his logic and reasoning is flawed. Rainsford uses logic and truth to convince Zaroff to stop hunting humans.
  • In this scene, Rainsford asks Zaroff how he would feel if he did the same thing to him. Rainsford taps into the emotional response by showing how unreasonable Zaroff's actions are. Audiences will have an emotional reaction to this becuase nobody wants to die or see other people suffer. 
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