The cruel King (Rohab)
Updated: 12/19/2020
The cruel King (Rohab)

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  • Your Majesty he is in... the herbalist's room.
  • In where, Prichard? Is my lion injured? Speak up, is he injured?
  • Yes...
  • Where is Prince William?
  • Speak up, or I will have you dead right away!
  • Umm... Your Majesty...
  • If my peace costs your life, I want to be worried all the time.
  • I didn't want to worry you Dad!
  • Dad! Did Prichard tell you? I told him not to tell you! He'll be punished!
  • He'll be rewarded William. Why didn't you tell me about it?
  • Is there any tale you can tell me about him?
  • Ah, no my boy, no. Unfortunately, it is quite a rare case that a King is as kind as yours. But our King is just like the kings there mostly are.
  • What do you mean, Aunty? Isn't King Thomas a kind one?
  • Aunty, is every King in the world so kind, peace-loving and generous?
  • That's unacceptable! Why don't you bring him to our King to get him punished?
  • First of all, he is very rude to his kingdom. But even that is not the reason to unlike him. If he ever hears or doubts that someone is a traitor, he just kills him/her without any investigation and then regrets it after he finds out the truth!
  • That's not possible my darling. King Thomas is way more powerful than your King.
  • Oh yeah, sure.
  • Very long ago, there lived a king called King Thomas. He was a very cruel King.
  • So, Steve, how are the preparations going on?
  • And what if I tell you the name of the murderer?
  • Lady Helen said she saw you doing so!
  • And, did you get any information regarding to Jonathan's murder?
  • Not at all, King Thomas. I am continuously trying to find out the murderer.
  • Perfect, your majesty. Everyone is strong and skilled enough to fight in the war.
  • That woman! She should be ashamed at telling lies in such old age, oh my!
  • I shall catch him and hand him to you, my King.
  • Believe in me, your majesty! I am loyal to you, why on Earth would I murder Jonathan!
  • Although being cruel, he was mad for his son. His son was his weakness that's why his enemies targeted his son as well as him.
  • Every traitor will come across this punishment!
  • If you kill me today, you'll have to pay for it one day, because I'm innocent!
  • People were very unhappy to accept King Thomas as their King.
  • If anyone of you is betraying me, so stop doing so because your fate won't be different than this Steve's.
  • King Thomas blamed Prime Minister Steve for the murder of Mr. Jonathan. Ignoring every word said by Prime Minister, he sentenced him death.
  • Can you really hand over yourself to me, Steve?
  • You'll be punish-ed tomo-rrow.
  • Hand over myself? Oh no, your Majesty I haven't murdered Jonathan! I swear I didn't! Who the hell told you I did so?
  • The cruel King Thomas killed Prime Minister Steve.
  • The shameless King Thomas hung the cut head of Prime Minister Steve and showed it to everyone, as a lesson for the fate of traitors.
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