Creation Sories-Incas
Updated: 11/3/2020
Creation Sories-Incas

Storyboard Text

  • Pachacamac was the sun and he was so bright that was the only thing you could see in the sky. However he was lonely so he made the stars, moon and planet. The moon became his wife named Pachamama. They ruled the Earth together.
  • Pachacamac made people out of stones but he found out they were very weak and pitiful. So the sun and moon had a son and a daughter and told them to help the Earth.
  • Oh no!
  • So Pachacamac's son taught the men how to plow, plant fields, and build houses. Pachamama's daughter taught the women how to weave, and make food.
  • So first I'll teach you how to cook.
  • Teach them to be kind and fair.
  • The sun told the son and daughter that the humans should always remember their creator and then he will give them light and warmth. After the son and daughter ruled the humans for a while they traveled to find a good spot for his people to settle.
  • Every time they stopped they would stick a golden rod in the ground as a symbol to build a city. However when they reached Huanacauri the rod sank. So the son decided that the people should settle here. They went to gather the people and so the son went North and the daughter went South.
  • They started talking about this new land and convinced the people to come follow the Inca and move to Huanacauri. Now the had followers all over the region. The followers of the daughter settled in the South and the followers of the son settled in the North. This is the creation story of the Incas.