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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • samuel anointed saul as king, pouring holy oil on him to show that god has blessed him.
  • david fought the goliath also known as the giant pilistine warrior when the golitah calllenged any israelites to a one on one and david stepped foward and defeated goliath with one rock and a sling shot
  • when samuel choose david as new king becuase saul disobeyed some of gods rules saul trided to kill david and then he backed off and ran but so did david then the pillistines killed saul beffore david saw it then when david came back he became king
  • when david died there wasa new ruler solomon owner of the temple and he was the owner all of his wisdom
  • when solomon became king no one likes him becuase he rebel and everyone in the kingdom hated him becuase of that
  • after solomon died the israelites got in to big problem they had a new ruler and they prophet told the new king not to rebel and he did it either way and their neighbors did not like them and if they did nit pay there taxes they would rob them
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