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Lucifer's MDG
Updated: 9/25/2020
Lucifer's MDG
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  • So, this is the place where human lives.
  • next work is a gangster.
  • Why?
  • because you helping bad people to be a good people. So, a lot of people not coming to the hell.
  • I'm here to hunt you.
  • HAHA, he just run straight to my trap.
  • One day, the king of the Hell named Lucifer come out from the hell to hunt Micheal. But no one can see him except Micheal because he is using his power.
  • Arrrrrrrrr!
  • Michael is a man who helps people. His job is to turn bad people into good people.
  • HAHA, Why did you stop. Run, Run!
  • What.....?!
  • Lucifer found Micheal and is telling him that he gonna hunt him. So, Lucifer warn him to run and try to fight him back.
  • No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lucifer made a trap which is a big hole that's straight to the hell and cover with the sand by using his power. Micheal fall to the hole but he caught the edge.
  • Micheal run into a apartment and suddenly he was standing up at the edge of window. He didn't know that's Lucifer trap. Lucifer planned Micheal to fall from 20 floor.
  • Lucifer walk to the Micheal to push him while he's talking. When he reach to Micheal, Before he push Michael, Micheal push him first. Lucifer fall off and he die. But didn't mean to kill Lucifer, he just scared and push him.
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