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atividade avaliativa inglêS
Updated: 9/26/2020
atividade avaliativa inglêS
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  • We won the war against the rebels!
  • Now, you a re the new Thane of Cawdor!
  • In ancient Scotland, rebellions were very common. Duncan, king of Scotland, was a good man and an excellent king. However, Macbeth, the king's cousin, managed to capture the leader of the rebels and end the battles.
  • You must kill king Duncan!
  • Macbeth was walking with his friend Banquo on the road, when he suddenly saw three witches. The witches said that he would be named the thane of cawdor and in the distant future would be the new king of Scotland. Furthermore, according to women, Banquo would be more grandiose and lucky than Macbeth and his son would be the kings of Scotland.
  • When Macbeth went to the castle, the king named him the new Thane of Cawdor. In this way, one of the prophecies really happened. However, Macbeth thought the witches had deceived him and was very upset, as he did not become the new king of Scotland.
  • After telling the witches' prophecy about becoming the next king of Scotland to his lady, Macbeth thought he could not kill Duncan. However, Lady Macbeth was now trying to convince him to kill Duncan. Thus, Macbeth would use the servants' daggers to kill the king.
  • The next day, Macduth and Lennox went to the castle at the king's request. The two thanes entered the king's room and found him dead. In a conversation between Macduff and Lord Ross they talked about the murder of the king and began to think that Duncan's children could be to blame, since they had fled.
  • After his coronation, Macbeath moved to the Royal Palace in Forres. One day, the king and queen invited Banquo and his son, Fleance, to dinner. Macbeth said he wanted to speak to Banquo, as he suspected his cousins ​​(Duncan's sons) were murdered.The king then remembered the predictions that said that Fleance would be king and decided to kill him.
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