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"TCOA" Plot Diagram
Updated: 2/24/2020
"TCOA" Plot Diagram
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  • Exposition
  • Just you wait Fortunato I will get my revenge on you for insulting me!
  • Rising Action
  • He, he, he!No, it is fine let's go to your vaults!
  • Oh, Fortunato why hello! I just bought Amontillado, but you have prior commitments. It's ok if you can't come, maybe next time.
  • Rising Action
  • He, he, he wine! Let's drink!
  • Come on in my dear friend, Fortunato! Have some of this wine my friend.
  • In the exposition, Montresor explains that he is upset at Fortunato because Fortunato insulted Montresor. He also says that he is going to take revenge on Fortunato when he states “...but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge” (Poe 1). In the exposition, he also explains that Fortunato has a weak point and that is he claims himself an expert on wine. Fortunato’s weakness is what Montresor will use against Fortunato to seek revenge.
  • Climax
  • In the first rising action, Montresor meets Fortunato who is intoxicated. He tells Fortunato about the Amontillado he has bought. Fortunato then tells Montresor to go to Montresor’s vaults with him. In a way, Montresor manipulated Fortunato into making Fortunato come to the vaults with him by mentioning Fortunato’s weakness, wine.
  • Falling Action
  • This is exhausting, but I will get this done no matter what!
  • In the second rising action, Montresor brings Fortunato into his catacombs. He brings Fortunato to taste his Amontillado, the expensive wine. Already Fortunato is intoxicated and isn’t aware of what’s going on around him. Montresor also made Fortunato get more intoxicated saying that “this Medoc will defend us from the damps” (Poe 37). This is to make Fortunato even more unaware about his surroundings and so he doesn’t pick up any hints about what Montresor is about to do to him.
  • Resolution
  • No one will ever find out!
  • * Crackle *
  • The climax of the story is when Montresor traps Fortunato. Montresor does this by chaining Fortunato to the wall of the catacombs. He then traps Fortunato in by building a brick wall around Fortunato. Fortunato also starts screaming for mercy but Montresor ignores Fortunato’s screams. The significance is where Montresor starts his revenge on Fortunato.
  • Please have mercy on me Montresor!
  • The falling action is that Montresor had been working hard on the wall and almost sealing up the wall which can be seen when the narrator states that “It was now midnight, and my task was drawing to a close” (Poe 78). Fortunato's screams for mercy had finally ended after many hours. The only thing that could be heard is the jingling of the bells on his costume. The significance is that Montresor is merciless and by all means wants to get his revenge on Fortunato.
  • * Jingle, jingle, jingle *
  • In the resolution Montresor calls for Fortunato but doesn’t hear anything from him so he finishes out his plan. He throws his torch into the last gap in the wall and seals up the gap with the last stone and leaves Fortunato to die. At the very end of the story, Montresor tells the readers that this whole event happened fifty years ago and no one has found out about it. The significance is that Montresor has no regrets about what he did and he seems boastful about it.
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