Career thing
Updated: 11/6/2018
Career thing
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  • I am responsible, I have the required education and more, I am reliable, and I am loyal to my company.
  • What makes you a qualified person for this job?
  • This website will for sure help me find a job! 
  • Find yourself any job, anywhere!
  • Help Wanted TODAY! Finance managers needed!! Call 1-(555)-123-4567 for an interview!!
  • I'm interested in this. I heard cashiers make fine money so it should cover all my expenses! Let's give it a try!
  • This is definitely by far my favorite way to find a job! I love how I can walk around and enjoy this day AND find a job! I also love how it lists a phone number for me to call as well as the fact that it will book an interview right away! How amazing! I will use this technique in the future when looking for a job.
  • This is an example of Networking because it is showing community members, as the man on the left is talking about a job with the man on the right. Correct: The man on the left (the one trying to get the job) is dressed properly for the occasion. Incorrect: The man trying to get the job brought his friends and they are interfering, as they are standing on the table.
  • This is an example of Internet because the man is looking on his computer for a job. More specifically, the source is a general source because it allows job searchers to find any job they wish to have.
  • This is an example of a printed resource because the man who is job searching is looking at a help wanted sign.
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