Unknown Story

Updated: 9/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I can see him, he is in the dark side of the forest!!!!
  • No, I can't believe that.
  • It's impossible for your son to come back.
  • When the mother felt the absence of her son, she went to look for him with all the animals. The giraffe could see the little bunny in the dark side of the forest!!!
  • All the animals told the mother that it was impossible for her son to come back, but she wasn't convinced by what they said, and she went to the dark side to look for her son.
  • She found the bunny trapped in a tiny hole in the trunk of a huge pine tree. The mother managed to get him out of that hole.
  • But on the way back they encountered the evil wolf, they started running quickly until they reached the animals.
  • But the wolf managed to catch the mother and she couldn't survive.
  • The little bunny lived miserably for the rest of his life because if he had listened to his mother, he wouldn't never lose her.