a hope in the unseen vocab 5 isis Gray
Updated: 11/22/2019
a hope in the unseen vocab 5 isis Gray

Storyboard Text

  • Cedric had finally been accepted into the MITE program at MIT, he was so excited and felt unstoppable.
  • Once Cedric actually made it into the classes with the others he felt as if they were being judicious towards him
  • He only received a 910 on his SAT
  • Whoo! That boy Jordan sure is as busy as a bee!
  • I never even heard of an Analogy
  • Can anyone tell me what the sentence on the board is an example of?
  • ooh! I know it's an Analogy.
  • I have all this homework to do, that i do not understand. And i still have to do my bibliography
  • Cedric was having a hard time trying to play catch up with his peers.
  • But soon Cedric started to get the jist of things.
  • Cedric give me an example of a paradox for this assignment.
  • All people are equal, some are just more equal than others
  • At first, Cedric had a sense of Apathy, until he realized his dreams were just crushed
  • Cedric, I don"t think you are MIT material maybe you should try Howard
  • RACIST!!