Tiny water MAN 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
Tiny water MAN 2

Storyboard Text

  • Once he landed in the river, The sun starting beaming down on him and started to evaporate the water and he started to go back up.
  • Once again he went up to the clouds and condensation and precipitation happened he went back into the river.
  • When he was chilling in the river but then... DONKEY FOUND HIM, he drank him and left very happy.
  • DONKEY was eating grass when, wait what THE POLICE. Apperently the police say DONKEY is most wanted, and they knew Tiny water droplet MAN was fighting him. So the police Excreted DONKEY so Tiny water droplet Man Escaped.
  • Excrete: When Animal Expels a Waste product.
  • Since DONKEY got taken away tiny water droplet Man has been going through the water cycle freely, now he is in the soil getting pulled by gravity to becoe ground water.
  • Now Tiny water droplet MAN is saving the water cycle and the Earth and the final stage of this book is groundwater and he is hanging out with ants The End.