Forces on a Work day
Updated: 2/2/2020
Forces on a Work day
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  • Hey I wonder how Gravity works?
  • OW!
  • Wait a minute I think it just hit me.
  • Hey are you a magnet because my compass is pointing towards you.
  • This man is on his way to work and is about to discover 4 common forces he sees in every day life.
  • The man just figured out that gravity is the pull that attracts objects toward the center of the Earth by a ball hitting him on the head. Since the ball was being acted on by gravity it fell from the window and hit him on the head.
  • He is now trying to flirt with a woman with a Gravity pun by saying that she is a magnet and he is a compass pointing at her. Compasses point wherever north is and it is like saying he likes her.
  • OW!!
  • The man is now trying to roll in his chair across the carpet but can't because the rolling friction between the wheels and the carpet is to large. Rolling friction is the force that stops wheels from moving that means it is stopping his chair.
  • The man is now stretching a rubber band very thin and it has a lot of potential energy.
  • The rubber band eventually broke and hit him in the eye. The rubber band had lots of potential energy when it was pulled back and when the band broke all of the elastic force was exerted. This cause the rubber band to hit him in the eye.
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