life skills project
Updated: 2/12/2021
life skills project

Storyboard Text

  • Rachael Mulvaine 1st hourRefusal Skills Storyboard
  • Ok great see you then
  • Hey do you want to come over to my party tonight?
  • Jason
  • Yea sure id love to, i just have to ask
  • !!!!
  • Hey Mon and Dad! Can i got ot my friends party tonight
  • Hey jenn, i brough some of my parents alcohol. Want some?
  • Um no thank you, i dont want to get into trouble.
  • Jeff can we go have sex behind the bleachers.
  • Maybe we can just stay here
  • I can't i have a track meet later today and they test us.
  • We should go smoke some good stuff behind the bleachers
  • Erlier you said yes to sex but now you say no. What the heck
  • I know but i just dont think im ready for it. And im sticking to it,