Westward Expansion from an Indian's Perspective

Updated: 9/11/2021
Westward Expansion from an Indian's Perspective

Storyboard Text

  • Did you hear about the Transcontinental Railroad? I've been told white settlers have been using it to cross the Great Plains and take over Native American land.
  • No, I haven't! That's terrible!
  • Oh, no! Here they come now! They're going to kill our sacred buffalo!
  • No! Please don't make my family and I move onto a reservation.
  • This is our land now!
  • I hate leaving our land, but if we don't move onto the reservation, the white settlers will kill us all.
  • As if things couldn't get any worse, all kids are now being forced to attend assimilation schools!
  • Are you serious? First, they forced us to leave our land, and now this? How ridiculous!
  • I can't believe they're stripping us of our Native American culture!
  • Today, you all will learn how to read English.