Salt March

Updated: 3/10/2021
Salt March

Storyboard Text

  • Presented by:
  • Nahim: Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  • Esteban: Mahatma Gandhi
  • India Independence
  • Ariel: Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Esteban: In 1857 three men with different ideas but with the same goal came together to form a revolutionary country
  • Nahim: India's due independence led by Ghandi between 1942 and 1947 as the British invasion by the Indian national army and passed during World War II
  • Esteban: My objectives were clear and simple, I wanted to force the British to leave India always following peace, without words or violent policies.
  • Ariel: You Gandhi my friend was an inspiration to me, I loved your organization, I fought with you for our civil disobedience movements but we both made an impact on the Indian people, now they knew that without violence we can form new systems with just rules.