A Christmas Story Storyboard
Updated: 12/18/2019
A Christmas Story Storyboard
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  • Merry Christmas Uncle! God bless you! Please come join us for dinner!
  • BAH HUMBUG! Christmas is just a waste of time!
  • Scrooge, you must change your ways, or else you end up like me, living with regret and chains. You will be accompanied by 3 spirits...
  • 3 Spirits? Change ways? I must be seeing things!
  • young Scrooge
  • What shall I do? I don't believe my eyes! This is torture!
  • Scrooge, you must change and become the better person you once were.
  • Scrooge hates Christmas, and chooses to always think about himself when it comes to money.
  • Good work everyone.
  • Are you sure we won't get caught?
  • Its fine, no one cared for the man
  • Scrooge is visited by his business partner, Jacob Marley, who states that Scrooge will be visited by 3 spirits.
  • Yes sir!
  • Indeed!
  • Scrooge is visited by the first two of three spirits, which show Scrooge the past and present of his life, and how he is making the wrong choices.
  • God bless us!Everyone!
  • Scrooge is showed the future with the third spirit, which talks about a "man", that died, and the reader knows it is Scrooge.
  • This is disgusting! Who could the man be?
  • Scrooge changes his ways, and orders a boy to send the prize turkey to Bob Cratchit.
  • Hey boy, would you please check to see if the prize turkey has been sold at the poulterer's shop?
  • Ill send it to Bob Cratchit's
  • Scrooge became a better man, helping the Cratchits, saving Tiny Tim, and lives happily ever after.
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