language arts project 2
Updated: 6/3/2020
language arts project 2

Storyboard Text

  • Zeus killed Kronos
  • Hera refuses to be Zeus wife
  • Zeus turns into a dove
  • After Cronus killed Uranus refused to release the Cyclops and the Hecatoncheires from tartarus, Mother Earth whaled until a god strong enough could fight Cronus. Zeus grew up and eventually killed Cronus.
  • Zeus tricks Hera into loving him
  • After Hera refuses to be Zeus's wife Zeus decides to play a trick on her.
  • Zeus won hera over
  • The first part of Zeus pan is to turn into a dove
  • Zeus chain up Prometheus
  • The second part is to pretend to be in trouble and fly into Heras arms and win her over.
  • Zeus finally got Hera to love him
  • After Prometheus took an ember from the sacred hearth on Mount Olympus Zeus chained him up against a cliff. Every day a hawk will come and eat his guts. every night he will heal because he is a god.