Updated: 10/23/2020

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  • In the book Prisioner B-3087 A jewish boy, Yanek is taken to work in concentration camps which he thought would be forever. My favorite scene in the book is when he was proven wrong and finally was let free and reuinited with family
  • The setting in this novel takes place in Different locations of Poland in the 1930s
  • I'm finally free! I went through 10 concentration camps, but i finally did it. I need to find my family.
  • "Yes, but who are you, i'm trying to find my family"
  • "Yanek! Yanek is that you?
  • I'm so happy to see you guys. I've missed you all so much. Of course i'll come stay with you
  • We are your uncle, aunt, and cousin. we hid in the attic until this was over but we didn't think any family survived. Oh Yanek im so happy your here. Come stay with us
  • I'm not sure how many years I was tortured, but now I live with family and my life is so much more free. I completed the unimaginable.
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