Science Comic
Updated: 2/6/2021
Science Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Hamster / Goats Fighting for Survival
  • Overproduction of offspring and variation
  • Sudden changes in the Environment
  • The Hamsters and the goats both live in a warm habitat, near the trees, and near the river. The goats are the hamsters predators.
  • Natural Selection
  • The hamsters reproduce, and some of them come out with a different color due to a variation in their genetic mutation.
  • Adaptation
  • The winter comes and the predators hunt, its easier for the white hamsters to survive because they camouflage from the goats in the snow.
  • The End
  • Now theres more hamsters that come out white due to natural selection, because its easier for them to survive.
  • Theres more white hamsters than any other, because they pass the genetic variation to their offspring, because its easier for them to survive.
  • The next generations are all white and they are able to camouflage and survive to their predators.