Jasayla Mariscal

Updated: 8/26/2020
Jasayla Mariscal

Storyboard Text

  • we can make so much things out of all this wood
  • yeah,like houses,household items and boats
  • so much fish
  • The Kwakiutl tribe had a abundance amount of wood.
  • we got the bear
  • Nice we are going to eat good tonight
  • The Kwakiutl tribe made their wood into boats,houses, and Household Items.
  • here sister
  • here son
  • here mother
  • The Kwakiutl tribe fished because the ocean provided many fish.
  • We may now feast
  • The Kwakiutl Tribe hunted for many animals because they had a big forest around them.
  • The Kwakiutl had pot latches where they gave out gifts.
  • The Kwakiutl gave out food during the potlatches as well.