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Culminating Project: Module 7
Updated: 7/2/2020
Culminating Project: Module 7
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  • The Food it DeservesBy: Bianca Gonzalez
  • Nutrition is another parts of physical wellness that can greatly impact your total wellness, as it can lead to increased energy levels, used for physical activities, which can decrease risk of diseases; your own eating habits start as soon as you are able to consume solid foods, and are affected by the social environment surrounding the foods you eat, the availability of healthy or unhealthy options, and sensory details, such as taste, texture, feelings, and smell. Your relationship with food may change as you move into adolescence, as you are transitioning from child to adult, and must deal with more stressors, or commitments, which may include school, athletics, and family relationships. Learning to deal with this stress without the use of food will ensure a positive relationship with food later in life. Unfortunately, there have been some increasing challenges or misinformation over the years that have made it difficult to achieve a healthy diet; with this, there has been an increase in information that can be used to overcome these obstacles.
  • Nutrition is defined as the proper balance and quantities of essential through a variety of food combinations, meaning that there is no single food that will provide you with all the nutrients that you need to function. Whenever you make decisions on what to eat, you should strive for nutrient dense options, such as vegetables, whole grains, and nuts, in addition to making sure you can identify the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your choice. These three groups are known as macronutrients, which are described as foods that need to be consumed in large amounts in the diet, and should account for specific percentages of your total caloric intake; carbohydrates should be 45-65% of the calories you eat, fats should be 20-35%, and proteins should be 10-35%. Portion sizes, which are shown on nutrition labels, should also be considered, as they show the amount of a food that counts as one serving, or what the body actually needs; MyPlate, a template displaying the five food groups, published by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, can be used as a guide to improve dietary choices and portions. Though it may cost slightly more to eat healthy, there are ways to do it on a budget, such as choosing healthy protein options that are on sale, and finding healthy alternatives to dairy or snack products, as these may cost less than the original.
  • The "Right"
  • Obesity is characterized by the excess accumulation and storage of fat in the body, caused by physical inactivity and poor diet, which is the result of advertisements, peer pressure, and availability of food; you are considered obese if you weigh at least 20% more than your recommended body weight. This issue has increased dramatically since 1985, and can lead to high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, breathing problems, and sleeping issues. Though genetic factors may play a part in obesity, it can usually be eliminated though regular exercise and healthy eating habits; avoid "empty" calorie foods, which provide sparse nutrients, foods high in trans or saturated fats, and foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, as they increase blood sugar to unhealthy levels. Even if you are pressured to eat unhealthy foods, such as sugary cereals, high sodium snacks, and soda, by advertisements, peers, and during special events, in the end, what you put in your body is still your choice; developing critical thinking/ decision making skills, which is your ability to examine and sort information to make the right choices, will assist in avoiding these foods, leading to improvements in your overall wellness.
  • Obesity
  • The Food it DeservesBy: Bianca Gonzalez
  • If you have heard of the keto diet, then you may be familiar with the term, fad diets; these are diets that promise quick weight loss without the use of exercise, though you are only losing water weight. They are unbalanced, unhealthy, and restrictive, so they only work for a short period of time, as they lead to the development of health issues, such as dehydration, weakness, fatigue, nausea, headaches, constipation, and nutrients deficiencies. Some examples of fad diets include attkins, which is the restriction of carbohydrates and emphasis of fats and proteins, grapefruit, where you only consumes grapefruit or grapefruit juice, and tape worm, in which a person swallows a tapeworm to eat the foods they consume. Since these are so dangerous, it is recommended to stick to a normal, balanced diet that contains all the nutrients you need to function; if you want to loose weight in a way that does not sacrifice your health, then you need to make healthy food choices, and increase your physically activity, so you burn more calories than you take in.
  • Overall, What Was the Message?
  • To Summarize this article, you should always consider the nutrients and results of your dietary choices, as they can either fuel your body, or cause it to become sick and tired. When you take into account the foods in your body, you are ultimately working towards improving the rest of the health triangle.
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  • To conclude, this entire magazine described social, mental/ emotional, and physical wellness, and ways to asses and improve your overall wellness, whether that be finding healthy ways to manage stress, setting SMART goals, making fitness plans, or improving dietary habits. Never compare the way that you are to other people, as we are all unique individuals; identifying healthy habits that best suit you and accepting who you are will all help improve your health. Once you are able to achieve this lifetime goal, you can expect a happier future, where doors of opportunity will be opened; you may even be able to influence others to make the same changes in their life for the better.
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