Bedrooms with people

Updated: 1/31/2019
Bedrooms with people

Storyboard Description

Different bedrooms with different people in them???

Storyboard Text

  • Sam and Marta's Bunk
  • Veronica (Vonny), Vinnie (Vin), and Victoria (Vicky)'s Room.
  • "sniff" I'm not asleep, you know.
  • I just hate when Vin dozes off on us. I just hate it. I just hate her! You annoy me, too. You know that, Vonny. 
  • Vicky Helsing! How dare you?! Thee shall be offended, and offended is thy I. #IDon'tMakeSense!!!
  • Jane and Ronaldo's Man Cave
  • Sam, age 6, is a smart-minded sport-lover. He's always happy and he's really good at math. He also has a secret desire; to be a baker! Marta, age 8, is a very creative student and sister! She loves nature and getting all up in it! She too has a secret; she once ate a worm! (and it tasted pretty good!) EWW!!!
  • Jenna's Room
  • No...
  • Thank you, Miss Elliot.
  • Excuse me, Miss Elliot? Am I mistaken? I have heard that Jenna, is now the BOSS?
  • Veronica (Vonny), Vinnie (Vin), and Victoria (Vicky) are all triplets. Vicky, being the oldest at 18, is a very responsible, smart, and successful young woman who is the boss of the room. All three are packing away for college, but she is the only one doing the work. (She also is quite stubborn!) She also loves horse-back riding! Vin is a tomboy who enjoys watching football. But, she is always empathetic for those in need. Vonny is a gamer girl who loves cats and the color orange. She plays Fortnite 24/7!!!
  • Era, Claire, and Bass's "Crime Scene"
  • Kate and Ella's "Sanctuary"
  • Kate, look what I got in my inbox! 'Dear Ella, You are welcome to join us at NSB corp. See you at the start of term! - Miss H. of NSB'. What does that mean?
  • O.M. GOSH!!!
  • WAAAA!!!
  • Well, I'm outta here. Jenna! You're in charge.  Amy, you are a manager. You are not mistaken, Juliet. Marco and Lester, you are now kicked out of the class.
  • Well, at least I'll have more time for basketball.
  • This is Era, Claire, and Bass's "Crime Scene", which the name basically describes the whole thing. I mean, this is a typical day in there. I know there are more kids than just 3 in the room, but the non-red heads are not part of the family, just friends. The redheads are the family, which contain the wrestling girl with the braids, (Bass), the basketball girl with the ponytail and the yellow gym shorts, (Era), and lastly, the girl with the blue and red leotard, red bun, and doing the split is Claire. This is way too long to tell about their personalities, but you can tell what they are like by the picture.
  • I don't know, but it sure sounds great! We better go tell mom!