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SS China
Updated: 2/20/2020
SS China
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Storyboard Text

  • My daughter has dissrespected me
  • Abominations
  • you will serve a serious consequence
  • All i did was go play when they told me not to
  • What has your daughter done wrong
  • Philosophies
  • I belive in daoism it is the belive of harmony with nature
  • what do you belive
  • Inventions
  • That is very smart we can use that.
  • My invetion i how we can tell which way the Earthquake came from. So we can send help to the people that way.
  • The Abominations are things if you do wrong you will have a consequence that the emperor can not change.
  • Dynasties
  • So you were plotting a rebellion
  • The consequence is public death
  • Philosophies are daoism which is belive in nature Confuctionism is belive in peace. Legaism is the belief is everyone is naturly selfish.
  • Geography (Extra)
  • This guy is telling the king that he has invented so thing that can change every thing. It is called the earthquake detector it can help many people because that can send thing to the village.
  • Choice (Extra)
  • Yes we were trying to take over the kingdom
  • The dynasty is very important they keep every body in order. So these people was trying to plot a rebellion that the got in trouble now they are going to die.
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