Just Mabel

Updated: 3/19/2021
Just Mabel

Storyboard Text

  • I like your new dress Mabel
  • But not everyone agreed.
  • "You look like a traffic light,'' said John
  • "You look like a tomato," said Paul
  • "Don't let them bother you Mabel said Holly. Your dress is pretty.Mabel tried not to bother her,but she couldn't help it.
  • "You look like a fire engine," said Emma
  • Soon Mabel wished she could hide her red dress.
  • Soon Mabel wished she wasn't wearing a red dress.
  • Soon Mabel wished she didn't own the red dress.
  • After school ,Mabel flung off her red dress and stuffed it under her bed."I'm never wearing that again,"she declared
  • The next morning at school, Holly walked into the classroom with a new short haircut.
  • "I like your new haircut,Holly
  • But not everyone agreed.
  • "Holly looks like a boiled egg," said Emma.
  • "Holly looks like a bald man," said Paul
  • "Holly looks like a scarecrow," said John.