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King vs. Pope
Updated: 9/30/2020
King vs. Pope
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  • The Messiah!!!
  • I'm called the Pope because it means father, or head of the Church!
  • The Pope? Why are you called that?
  • Jesus made Peter head of the Church.
  • LIAR!!!
  • Christianity began in Judah and had one Messiah, Jesus. It spread to the Roman empire and had to compete against other religions like Islam.
  • We are making only 1 clear set of rules NOW! Help me spread the news.
  • The Bishop of Rome claims authority over Christians everywhere. He then takes the title "The Pope".
  • You may NOT marry!
  • You may marry!
  • The pope said that Jesus made Peter the head of the Church and traveled to Rome to become the first Bishop. When he died his authority as head of the Church would be passed onto the next Bishops. The Eastern Patriarchs didn't accept this argument.
  • We should split up our religions...
  • Your right
  • As Christianity grew, so did the people who argued about it. The emperor Constantine decided to make 1 clear set of religious beliefs to settle the arguments.
  • The Byzantine emperor had lead the Eastern Orthodox Church while the pope lead the Roman Catholic church. The 2 churches taught Christianity but very differently.
  • Finally, the 2 churches' ways of teaching Christianity were so different that they decided to split into 2 separate religions. This event is known as the Great Schism.
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