Mulan Timeline
Updated: 1/13/2021
Mulan Timeline

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  • Mulan's Family lives in a small village in China. She is fersome and brave, but through law a girl cannot do things men can do.
  • Because Mulan had no other boys in her family, her dad hadto get drafted by the military, but was too weak. Their family was shamed on because they had two girls and no boys.
  • Mulan sneaks off to war to try to bring honor for her family. She disguises as a boy and makes friends in the army.
  • Mulan
  • Mulan wins the war in a vital position, but her army fins out she is a girl, and is banned from the military, despite her win.
  • At the village, the opposing side took the king and Mulan raced to try to save him.After being banned she had a flame lit in her mind
  • Mulan defened off the enemies at the village and saved the king! She brought honour to her family and the king gave her the swordof courage! Her family finally had honor!